Tree Frog Treks Camp

Under our Atmosphere: Unbelievable Biology! Water and Light make life possible down here on our planet’s surface. From deep seas to the tops of the tallest trees’ canopies, the study of life is called biology.  During this week of San Francisco summer science, we’ll strive to uncover some of the secrets of ecosystems in the city and around the world. Our bodies need proteins, carbohydrates and sugars to give us the energy to run, while plants get theirs from the sun. However, human hemoglobin and colorful chlorophyll from plants are almost the same molecule. How are living organisms the same and how are they different? Beautiful biodiversity supports the needs of all living things under our atmosphere!
A two week session at KMS school; Led by TFT Camp Director Ryder Freed
Off site field trips: walking and in TFT 15 passenger Van (Mr. Science Van Driver): Glen Canyon; Precita Park; Bernal Heights; Mission neighborhood…

Ages 5-9 recommended.

Tree Frog Treks available Session 3 only, July 13 – July 24  FULL


All camp registration is done through Tree Frog Treks form:

Tree Frog Treks