Elementary Homework

UE Homework 10-08-14

UE Homework 10-22-14

UE Homework 11-05-14

Part One: Student Self Portrait is due November 12th
Part Two For Parents:  Your LOVE letter to your child(ren) is due November 14th (at conferences)

UE Homework 11-12-14  Due: Wednesday, November 19th

UE Homework 12-3-14  Due: Wednesday, December 10th

 UE Homework 12-10-14  Due: Wednesday, December 17th

 UE Homework 12-17-14  Due: Monday, January 5th

 UE Homework 01-07-15  Due: Wednesday, January 21st

 UE Homework 01-21-15  Due: Wednesday, February 4th

UE Homework 02-04-15  Due:  Thursday, February 12th

UE Homework 03-04-15  Due: No later that March 13th

UE Group 1 Homework 03-11-15 Due: No later than March 25th

UE Group 2&3 Homework 3-11-15 Due: No later than March 25th

UE Group 1, 2 & 3 Homework 4-15-15 Due: No later than April 22nd

UE Homework 4-29-15  Due: No later than May 13th

UE Homework 5-13-15  Due: No later than May 20th