KMS follows a progressive academic curriculum that incorporates skills-based AND project-based learning. Skills-based learning tailors lessons to each child’s individual needs and learning style. Project-based learning, fosters skills in open-ended inquiry, reflection and critical thinking.

The core of our curriculum is aimed at engaging youngsters across the spectrum of intelligence types, visual to verbal, spatial to kinesthetic, and providing each child with a range of tools for expression and discovery. Our infant care, preschool and elementary education programs incorporate a wide variety of the arts including dance, visual art, music, foreign language…the list keeps growing.

Age-appropriate lessons, taught in multi-age classrooms, allow each child to progress at his or her own pace which can vary from subject to subject. Youngsters experience far less frustration over projects they need extra time with, and less boredom when they don’t have to wait for others to catch up. Because learning is most engaging, effective and enduring when it springs from exploration and discovery, students are encouraged to take appropriate risks in the knowledge that making mistakes is how human beings learn. As a consequence, our students learn self-confidence, gain good social skills, including respect for self, others, and the world around them.

KMS wants to empower students to be involved in their learning process. Thus, they are encouraged to initiate projects and/or activities that are of particular interest to them personally.

Our approach to learning is a continuum; lessons introduced during the student’s preschool years are developed and deepened through the fifth grade. Youngsters who begin with us as infants and toddlers benefit from this continuity in educational approach, gaining a strong foundation that will serve them well as they progress to middle school and beyond.

THE ARTS PLAY A BIG PART AT KMS. We believe early and repeated engagement in the arts contribute to the growth and development of the whole child including their academic advancement.

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