Philosophy & Core Values

Dated September, 2015:

As a KMS teacher and alumna, I am always reflecting on what it means to be a member of the KMS community. As we approached KMS’ 40th year, it was vital and significant to connect back to our values.  Laura (KMS’ Director of Curriculum and Staff Development) and I interviewed Katherine Michiels to discuss the roots and evolution of the school and we discussed our school identity with the entire KMS staff.  From those meaningful dialogues, we have composed the following document to reflect our core values.  I hope you feel these values as strongly as I do, because they are at the heart of everything we do here at KMS. -Alden Fletcher, Atelierista

The Child is Competent

Environmental Awareness

Honoring our Relationships

Learning through Exploration

The Child is Competent– We see children as capable and valuable citizens of our community.  When children feel that respect, they soar to meet their potential.  Because of this belief, the child is an equal partner and collaborator in the learning process, and is personally responsible for their contribution as a respectful, caring and attentive member of the community.


Environmental Awareness– At KMS, we reflect and dialogue on our relationship with the environment.  This cultivates awareness and compassion for the world, as well as an understanding of our role as responsible citizens.  Additionally, the environment influences the mental and emotional space of a person, and thus, is a partner in the learning process.  We invest time and energy to create an inspiring, intentional, accessible, and beautiful environment.


Honoring our Relationships– We believe that building compassionate and trusting relationships is the foundation of a safe learning environment.  Strong bonds between children, teachers, administrators and parents all contribute toward creating a space where each person is valued and respected as an equal member of the community. 


Learning through Exploration– We value wonderment, play and imagination as fundamental to the development of children.  At KMS, we create spaces and opportunities that encourage children to follow their own curiosity through researching with teachers. Children have the space to follow their natural instincts– they laugh, run, jump, explore, investigate and ask questions.  With a clear, open mind, children are constantly forming theories and constructing knowledge through their experiences.  We aim to deepen their processes, rather than focusing on products, and in doing so, promote a life-long love of learning.